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Maui is a 'volanic doublet' formed from two volcanoes that overlapped one another to form an isthmus between them.  The largest volcano is Hakeakala rising to more than 10,000 feet above sea level, making it one of the world's largest 'island' mountains.

Maui 'Valley Isle' is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands.  Wailuku is the county seat with other significant places being Lahaina, Kihei, Ma'alaea, Molokini, Makena, Wailea, Ka'anapali, Makawao, Ulupalakua, Pa'ia, Kula, Ha'iku, Hana, and Haleakaia volcano.


Lahaina was the first capital of the Kingdon of Hawaii, and can be called the most historically significant spot in Hawaii.  Along the historic trail, you learn that its majestic Banyan Tree, which is the most popular landmark on Maui, is well over 100 years old, has sixteen major trunks and spans a quarter mile in circumference.

Maui's South Shore is a paradise for beach lovers.  Kihei has some of the best beaches in the world with over 5 miles of golden Sugar Beach sand and many canoe outrigger boats.

Just offshore from Kalepolepo Park in North Kihei lies an ancient Native Hawaiian fishpond Ko'ie'ie built well over 500 years ago.  


At the end of Kihei is the grassroots Farmers Market where you can grab a cup of organic Maui coffee, baked goods, seasonal fruits and vegatables from local farmers.  Next door is one of the best spots for an tasty shaved ice treat.


Ma'alaea, once a sleepy fishing village in between Kihei and Lahaina hosts a three-acre, world class marine park and aquarium. Right next door are the Harbor shops and restaurants.

Molokini is a crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater which forms a small islet located just off Kihei and Ma'alaea.  It is one of the top 10 dive spots in the world with a lush reef with excellent visibility as deep as 150 feet.

Makena is home to Big Beach, one of the last undeveloped beaches on Maui.  The soft, white sand and crystal clear water stretches almost two-thirds of a mile long and over 100 yards wide.


Wailea is Maui's incomparable array of world-class resorts, sophisticated shopping, dining, and some of the finest golf courses in the world.  It is truly an 'oasis of art' of both notable local and international celebrity artists.  Ka'anapali also hosts resort, golfing and upscale experiences.

Far from the bustle of the resort areas, the 'other side' of Maui possesses a lifestyle and beauty that is removed from the usual.


From high on the cool, green slopes of Hakeakala volcano, one finds Makawao.  This small town has managed to cultivate a unique blend of old and new.  One finds a collection of boutiques unrivaled throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Ulupalakua is the home of Maui's 150-year-old, 23,000 acre cattle ranch.  The Tedeschi Vineyard and winery is found here.    Maui  strawberries, other fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables are found at nearby Kula.  Ka'iku offers a stretch of rainforest waiting to be explored.  This village lies just above the world famous surf spot known as 'Jaws'.


Pa'ia is Maui's historic plantation town.  It is the bohemian North Shore beach town.  It is here that you see uneven sidewalks under awnings and overhangs, boutiques, antique shops, old markets, one-of-a-kind bikinis to fine art and native handicrafts.

Hana, the heart of Old Hawaii is well known as a place of awe-inspiring natural beauty and warm hearted people.  There are water falls, flowers, and a rainforest at every turn.  More than 19 one-lane bridges are crossed in a ten-mile stretch of this Hana road.  Hana itself is small, and referred to as the 'last Hawaiian place' by the locals.


One of the best parts of visiting Maui is that one also experiences the ocean's whales, dolphins, sea turtles, monk seals and bustling coral reefs.

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